Eva Lifted a Heavy Burden

17 Jul 2017

Eva Ballard entered the Medicare industry with the same passionate mission driven, professionalism, and exemplary customer service that made her so outstandingly successful in the employee benefits and group insurance business.  I run a professional skilled trades company of approximately 50 employees of which 20% are at or near retirement age.  Having Eva provide our company with Medicare information and guidance has been invaluable.  Her attention to detail on a case-by-case personal basis created such confidence and relief for every employee faced with the complexities and difficult decisions regarding Medicare choices.  Eva also lifted a heavy burden from our HR department while generating such good-will between the corporation and its employees.  I soon realized we were not versed enough nor qualified enough to feel comfortable administering a truly meaningful transition to Medicare strategy.  Eva devoted dozens of hours consulting and continues to advise us of all the policy updates in the ever changing world of Medicare and its effects on our employee’s retirement.

I highly recommend, to any company, large or small, a meeting with Eva.  You’ll quickly understand how much you don’t know about Medicare and how she can provide the correct answers to complicated Medicare questions.  Simply put, Eva knows Medicare inside and out.


George A. Lucas
Osterwisch Company